How to do meditation ? And my experience !
How to do meditation ? And my experience !

How to do meditation ? And my experience !

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There are many videos available on YouTube to teach you meditation ,but still many people don’t understand what to do exactly in meditation.

Many people during their counselling session told me that they know the importance of meditation,but they can’t continue because they are having questions that they can’t sit for 15 min at one place by keeping eyes closed.

To develop meditation as a habit,be patience  because it will take some time.

I am sharing my experience and learnings.

When first time started meditation I was also unable to sit for 15 mins with closed eyes. I set my first goal to sit 15 min with closed eyes. I started listening meditation music during this. 

After almost 1 month it become easier for me to sit with closed eyes.During this period  many times there were many chances of distraction like I feels  many times knee pain or biting mosquitoes or there is some insect on my body ,

but all it was  an  illuision. It was my mind who was distracting me.

But I continued the same,after a  few  months I stop listening music also. And started concentrating on my breathing and now I reach that no thought stage within 1-2 minutes. 

I enjoyed the meditation and I do meditation for 20 min and 45 max.


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