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How can be a success can define?

Success in life can be defined as the continuous process of amplifying happiness and the realization of your goals. As we all are living in a materialistic world, there are 7 aspects of our life.

Money 💰

Health 💪🏻

Career 👨‍⚖️

Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Social 🌎

Self 🤩

Spiritual 😇

What is the definition of success in spirituality?

In spirituality, success means how efficiently, how effortlessly we achieve all our dreams with the Universe.

Ancient teachings told us that Hard-work, struggle, frustration ,depression all are negative thoughts and they pull you back always. When you are having positive thoughts in your mind you attract positive things in life. 

Success is the ability to fulfil your dreams and desires with effortless ease.

Deepak Chopra had said in his book that ” The ancient sages describe the most effortless way to bond with the universe and fulfil our desires. Their guiding motto turns out to be exquisitely simple: Act in accordance with the laws of Nature.” — Deepak Chopra

When you start practicing these spiritual laws you get aligned with the universe and your desires and dreams get fulfilled.

These universal laws bring abundance ,happiness,joy and more positive things in your life.

There are 7 spiritual laws of the Universe.

1.What is Law of Pure Potentiality?

The source of all creation is pure consciousness. Our true self is pure potentiality. When you feel your importance then you can feel the universe.Have you ever spent some time in nature? Have you felt that silence in nature?

 If you experience this you will find your true self. Everyone in this universe has been connected with the energy and you feel that energy when you get connected with nature or you feel the law of pure potentiality.

When you know who you are really and it gives you the ability to fulfil your all dreams. Everything is possible in the field of pure potential. When we know that our essential nature is one of pure potentiality, you will know the ability to fulfil your dreams. Nothing is impossible in the field of pure potentiality.

Self-power, self-communication, self-realization is very important to become successful. Law of pure potentiality means to understand who you are really, what is the purpose behind this.

How to apply this law ?

1.Do meditation every day, at least for 30 minutes.

How to meditate anywhere?

2.Practice to be non mental.

We always judge the things and gives labels when we think and this restricts the positive energy flow. So always practice nonjudgement. 

3.Spend time in nature,observe the nature,it’s magic! Go for a morning  walk ,enjoy a bird singing,sunrise.Connect yourself with nature.

2.What is Law of Giving and receiving.

The second spiritual law of success is “Law of Giving and Receiving“.

Everything in the universe is based on exchange of Energy.

Every relationship is one type of Give  n  Take. You can’t stop this exchange and if you tried you loose vitality. For example River always flow, but if water doesn’t flow it becomes to clog.

The intention behind giving and receiving is very important.If you feel kindness,happiness while giving the energy you exchanging will increase and if you are unhappy while giving ,you are feeling sad or you have lost something ,your intention behind this will not increase for sure.

You can implement this law in a very simple manner.

If you want love,spread love more. If you want happiness,spread happiness. If you want money help people to earn money.

Always say “Thank you” silently to money when you purchase anything or spend money for anything. Silent blessings have always  worked.

The gift everyone can give to anyone is  a gift of love,gift of care,gift of kindness,gift of affection, a gift of appreciation.

These are precious gifts and still available abundantly.

When you meet someone give silent blessings of what you want to achieve.

Giving and receiving is a flow of life.

Always feel gratitude,the Universe always likes gratitude and the Universe takes care of all our desires when we are in  a state of gratitude.

  1. What is law of Karma or Law of cause and effect ?

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

Wayne W. Dyer

We all  have heard about “what we sow is what we reap”.

Means Law of Karma told us what you will do,it will be returned back to you.Always we should choose the actions before implementing.

If you want love,peace,happiness, success in your life chooses your actions according to that.

How you can use  The Law of  Karma in your life?

 The Best way to implement this law  thinks deeply before choosing any action.

Ask yourself always “do my this action will bring good positive things in my or in others life?  If your answer is “yes” then go ahead. Your intuitions,your gut feelings will tell you the correct answer.

  1. What is law of least and efforts?

This is the fourth law. This law tells us about the principle of “Do less and accomplish more” 

When we learn this lesson from nature, we easily fulfil our desires. 

This law tells us to identify and concentrate on focus  your inbuilt natural skill and  use them to manifest your dreams into reality.

How to use this law ?

Accept the reality as it is. People faces always problems to accept the reality and this creates negative stuff in your mind and at the same time they expect positive results ,success from the universe.Practice the acceptance.

You will have the questions like “why me” etc, just ignore them and accept the reality.

Find out the hidden opportunity in that problem. Believe me  problem always comes with a new opportunity,you should have the vision to identify that. I have experienced this many times in my personal life.

Take the responsibility of your current situation because this is your Karma and Law of attraction result.

Always keep in mind that everything happens first in your mind then in reality.

5.What is the Law of intention and desire

Very simple to understand this law. When you will put  positive intentions into your thoughts and actions you will receive success  and a quality of life.

Here I would like to give you a simple example to understand the law.

If you are having dreams to buy a beautiful house and you always are thinking about how it’s possible for me? Will able to collect that much money in this salary?

These negative thoughts are transmitting negative energy in the universe ,and always we get those things which match our thought frequency.

When you will accept your current house and feel deep gratitude about it,you will transmit positive energy and you will get your dream house.

Always monitor your thoughts. My observations people don’t hear what they are saying. It’s a fact. They talk many things randomly without thinking ,without listening what they are going to talk !

How to apply this law ?

Do meditation in the morning.

Don’t get upset because things are not happening as you want.

Accept the reality and have trust on you and the universe.

Keep your thoughts positive.

Feel gratitude because the universe is having a  better plan for you.

6. What is the Law of detachment ?

When you think about anything or wish and you do the necessary action and expect the particular outcome your mind starts  feeling fear,anxiety,insecurity and those negative frequencies stops positive vibes to come.

If you will not be attached to the outcome ,you will accept the outcome easily. And also enjoy that with joy ,happiness,positivity.

How to experience this law?

1.Commit yourself for detachment.

2.Keep you  the approach of “letting go”.

3.Accept the people the ,situation as it is.

4.Never impose your ideas on others.

5.involve in everything with detachment. Means while doing anything you will contribute 100 % , but will not except any specific outcome. 

6.Will keep strong faith and belief in the Universe.

7.What is Law of Dharma?

Everyone in this world is gifted with one special skill,it’s our duty to find out that.

Easiest way to find out this skill is finding out your passion.

Develop that skill uses that skill for doing value addition in people’s life. This is a  law of Dharma!

When you do the same,universe understand that you are solving your life purpose and universe supports you in all ways. I am making this statement by my own experience.

How to use this law?

Use your special skill to serve the world. This will help you get aligned with the universe.

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If you understand all these laws deeply you will find one common thing and i.e. Your thoughts.

Thoughts are everything and positive thinking is very essential in your life to make your life happier.

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Letting go of your old habits and beliefs and replace them with good positive habits will change your life completely.