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We all are co-creators of our life. Here you have to understand the linking between the phases. What you are today is because of your past. (whatever it is good or bad) And today you are creating your future. And it will be bright only when you will focus 100 % on present and will create your best without thinking about output.

When you instead of doing this focus on futuristic thoughts you attract negative thoughts.

Worries, Insecurity, anxiety, low esteem, lack of self-confidence these things creates a negative impact on your mind. And if you observe carefully all things are interlinked.

If a person is used to thinking too much, he will start to worry about the future, which will create anxiety. Then you will experience a lack of confidence and because of this even less esteem, worry and anxiety. And once you’re caught in that cycle, it’s very hard to get rid of yourself.

This way, your future thoughts negatively impact your success and your current goals.

Stop overthinking and focus only on giving your 100% in today, the universe is there to take care of your results.