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To create your best version you first have to be very clear about how to grow,what you need to learn.Here you will find the top 10 self help, motivational podcast list.These podcasts will help you to get inspired and motivated for your success.

Why podcasts?

Top 10 motivational podcasts of India.

As the world becomes busier, the podcast format has become implausibly widespread. Audio content permits you to multitask.  A recent study showed that whereas almost fifty percent of podcasts are listened to at home.  And  ten to fifteen percent,while driving and remaining while doing exercise or morning walk.

Let’s dive in to know Top 10 motivational podcasts of India.

1.The Inspiring talk

We all know about Mr. Bijay Gautam. He is a founder of Inspiring talk. The Inspiring Talk is about the strategies and tools to overcome your challenges, pursue your dreams and live the life you love. He had interviewed many entrepreneurs,best selling authors and celebrities and many inspiring personalities. He also guides new podcasters through his six week program.

2.Success with Savitha  podcast

The Success With Savitha Podcast is for entrepreneurs with a special focus on female entrepreneurship.  Savitha is a transformational success coach having a good corporate experience and she runs “A success with  Savitha,a global coaching platform to help people for success.

3.The Ranveer Show

One of my favorite podcasts and YouTube channels.He is a YouTube star entrepreneur,fitness coach,social media influencer. His podcast is on fitness,yoga,entrepreneurship,spirituality,inspiration and many more. 

He is most famous in youth.

4.Sandeep Maheshwari’s podcast

I think I don’t need to introduce this name,we all know about him. His journey is also inspiring itself and he has motivated many people. His Podcast is available on all leading platforms.

5.Inspiration Chaupal (in Hindi) and Inspiration Katta (in Marathi)


Nachiket had interviewed those people who had chosen different paths in life and become successful. His every episode is inspiring and helpful. His podcast is in Marathi and Hindi.

6.Inspiring Stories

Inspiring story podcast is about short summaries based on books on various topics which can inspire people. This podcast helps you to transform from ordinary to extraordinary.

7.Can Inspire

Inspiring stories from the survivors and fighters of critical illness.Delhi-based Pallavi Rao Narvekar hosts Can Inspire, a podcast that explores real-life stories from fighters of critical illness. Pallavi had  worked with  All India Radio and

Radio Mirchi as a radio jockey

8.Digital Ankit Podcast

Ankit is passionate about helping people. He is a digital marketing expert. This podcast creates a positive impact on people’s lives.

9.State of Mind Podcast by Dr. Shyam Bhat

Dr Shyam K Bhat, MD is a Psychiatrist, Integrative Medicine specialist, and writer.

He runs the Live Love, Laugh foundation with Deepika Padukone and also is one of the most well known mental health professionals in India.

10.Sadguru’s podcast

We all know about Sadguru an Indian yogi  and Author. He is famous worldwide for its Isha Foundation.He has spread knowledge of yoga and well being of folks.


Self Development podcasts are a magnificent way to empower and inspire yourself.                                                        

So, I’ve prepared a handy-dandy guide of the pleasant self-development podcasts for you. I hope you will enjoy this blog and these podcasts also. I will also write on International motivational podcasts in upcoming days.


Disclaimer:- Please note this podcast list is not based on any survey or report.These are my personal opinions.