With the help of spirituality, you can change your daily life!

Spirituality is a very broad concept. It means a connection with the universe. Spirituality means understanding your soul.  With the help of spirituality, you can make your life easier. Spirits guides you to achieve success with ease.

What is the soul? The Soul is the God or the Universal power’s principle within each of us and our true nature.

As a soul, our true nature is living blissfully and spirituality teaches you the same.

What are beliefs about spirituality?

You will find many people thinks that  spirituality means religion ,being religious ,following  the laws and traditions of religion.

Some people will say belief in God  and the power created the life and the universe.

Some will say spirituality means things related to the  soul a spirit.

Many people think that spirituality means abandoning your desires of living well,having fun in life. You don’t need to quit your job sacrifices the things etc.

What is  the expert’s definition of spirituality?

According to Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary, researchers and authors of The Spiritual Brain, “spirituality means any experience that is thought to bring the experience into contact with the divine (in other words, not just any experience that feels meaningful).”

Some experts say spirituality means the process of awakening in ordinary consciousness,rising above the ego,expanding yourself beyond limitations purifying your thoughts, making your life tension free, fearless and experiencing inner peace and happiness to deeper thinking.

What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

People get always confused when I say that I am spiritual  and not religious. 

Deepak Chopra had told this very beautifully.

“Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.”

The main difference between both is  spirituality is not having any rules it is just a understand of ourselves like who you are ,what is our life purpose etc. And religion is totally based on pre decided rituals,rules and regulations.

Read this article to understand the difference in very simple words.


How to be spiritual in today’s life TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL?

Spirituality is a knowledge of reaching to the perfection, understanding your true nature and your life purpose.It helps you to cope up  with  the negative feelings like stress,negativity,anxiety. It also helps you to be more compassionate and humble and  blissful which is your core.It  will help you to restore hope and optimism in today’s stressful life.

What will the impact when you will become spiritual?

  • Better health
  • Strong psychological health
  • Less depression,anxiety,negativity
  • Positivity,happiness ,kindness,abundant,peacefulness

How to live  A spiritual  life FOR SUCCESS?

  • Start your day with Meditation.
  • Maintain gratitude journal daily.
  • Listen to your inner voice or gut instincts always.
  • Always set a intention before any action or decision.
  • Be compassionate, more.
  • Let go of the past. Stop thinking and worrying about  the past.
  • Learn to forgive yourself and other people  in life.
  • Always keep yourself in  “go with the flow “mode. 
  • Accept the challenges,mistakes,changes as early as possible.
  • Love without any expectations.
  • Don’t try to control the specific outcome of your actions and decisions. 
  • Be positive and confident always.
  • Do food meditation and yoga daily.
Obstacles in spiritual growth

Many people start their spiritual journey to face the challenges they face in real life ,but due to some beliefs they create obstacles here also.

Here are  the main obstacles, mainly people’s faces:-
  1. Believing that you are not worthy of the spiritual awakening.
  2.  A Mindset which does not understand the need to grow spiritually.
  3. How to deal with guilt and how to adopt” let go” approach.
  4. Thinking that all you have done now.
  5. Failing to apply what you have learnt till date.                                   
IS spiritual teacher has been necessary actually ?

In my opinion you don’t need a spiritual teacher. Spirituality is our core nature and our soul is a part of  the universal power or God. Our soul always knows all the answers.

Now you might have a question that our soul is a part of universal power and it is aware of all solutions then why do we face stressful situations,worry,heartbreak,and all other sad and painful things?

It’s because we are here as a human being to experience these indices and learn the things for self growth.

Our body is just like a mask we wear. It will change every time,according to our karma.

Once you understand this your perception will change automatically and you will be more compassionate,humankind and will believe more in love.

And in this journey you can only tell anybody about your experiences,but you can’t go through with someone spiritual or life experience in real life. Everyone is having  a unique journey and that’s why I feel no need to have a teacher to learn spiritually.

Quotes about Spirituality

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” – Buddha

“The essential lesson I’ve learned in life is to just be yourself. Treasure the magnificent being that you are and recognize first and foremost,you’re not here as a human being only. You’re a spiritual being having a human experience.”

– Wayne Dyer

“There is a light in this world. A healing spirit more powerful than any darkness,we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, and too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.”

– Richard Attenborough

“In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body.”

– Barbara De Angelis

Spiritual  books for success
  • Wishes fulfilled by Wyne Dyer
  • Ask and it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • 7 Spiritual laws of success
  • Infinite possibilities of the art of living your dreams
  • The power of Now  by Eckhart Tolle
  • The art of happiness – Dalai Lama

1.The secrete teaching

2.Manifest anything Visualize your desire

3.The law of attraction (PRO)

4.Law of Attraction

5.Think right me 


7.Spiritual workout

8.Soulvana -Daily spirituality

9.Spiritual awareness

10.Spiritual hub

What are the benefits of spirituality in daily life?

  1. Help to reduce stress and depression.
  2. Reduce anxiety
  3. Good health
  4. Strength your immunity system.
  5. Improves self-confidence and fitness
  6. Improves emotional states.
  7. Gives clarity in the midst of these overflowing days.
  8. Improvement in concentration.
  9. Keep yourself always fresh, energetic, and positive.
  10. You can control your negative emotions easily and even you can shift your thoughts easily.

Change your daily life with the help of spirituality.