Living with uncertainty is really difficult. It’s pretty common that people to crave information about the future and they feel uncertainty about the future. Though the vaccination is available, we have all been dealing with uncertainty for the last two years.

Uncertainty is just like the weather, it will change. Be optimistic always!
Let’s see how to deal with the uncertainty of life.

Our brains perceive ambiguity as a threat and try to protect us by limiting our ability to focus on anything other than creating certainty.

There is a very thin line between uncertainty and curiosity. I think we should understand this first. Uncertainty is like weather, it can be changed at any time. And we should never miss the opportunities due to these uncertainties.

How to train your mind to deal with uncertainty?

When we don’t have enough information about the future, when things are uncertain, it makes you be more concerned. It creates a deep impact on your confidence level and also makes you anxious. Anxiety creates more stress in your life.

Then how we can overcome uncertainty, here are some tips:

1. Identify the worry which is making you more stressed and anxious. Have a look at those problems from a different perspective so you will find that these are not actually the problems for which you are carrying stress. You can get solutions with little effort.

2. Always practice mindfulness. Be in the present moment. Change the habit of carrying past and worrying about the future.

3. Develop habits and routines that will keep you motivated and connected to your goal.

Start your day with meditation. Feel gratitude. Write a journal daily. Read self-help books and blogs, and motivational quotes at least for 20 min. Do exercise for at least 20 min daily.

My personal experience is

I am following this routine for the last two years. 

Even before I started writing this blog, I was listening to some great conversation on “clubhouse” (Nowadays everyone had become a fan of this) The room was about your daily morning habits and I observe almost 80-90 % of people who are CEOs or Coach or many successful people told that they start their day with gratitude, meditation and thinking about their goals and dreams. Most importantly, they kept themselves away from mobile and social media.

4. Identify the temporary distractions and ignore them, I know they are tempting always but you always have choices of your actions.

5. Accept the situation which is not in your control. Always it’s better to control our habits or thoughts than try to control other things other people.

6. Uncertainty is just like the weather, it can be changed at any time rather you can change it by changing your perception. Tell yourself that this is a temporary phase of life and once you accept this you will find the hidden opportunity in this situation also.

7. Keep your life and lifestyle simple so you can easily get survive in any situation.

8. Learn to be more agile in your thinking. Successful people always prepare themselves for all possible outcomes. Have a strong self-belief always to deal with all possibilities.

9. Keep your focus on your achieving your goal only. You will find a way to design a strategy as per the circumstances you are having in your life. Listen to your gut feeling.

10. Appreciate yourself and your achievements! I have told in my many Quora questions that success is not only achieving something big in your life. Achievement of small things is also a success that motivates you a lot!

Here are some books that will help you to overcome an uncertain situation.

A list of the books on coping with uncertainty

 1. Embracing uncertainty – Susan Jeffers

 2. Uncertainty – Turning fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance – Jonathan Fields

 3. Radical uncertainty – Mervyn King


Certainty makes you beautiful and uncertainty makes you dutiful. – Rajesh Walcha
Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay to have a moment of uncertainty about life. It’s a transformative period to find your purpose. – Unknown
Everything happens for a reason. life puts you down, only so you can get back up for the better things. Live life, forgive, and forget. Let go of the past. – Hussein Nishah
I have devoted my life to uncertainty.  Certainty is the death of wisdom, thought, creativity.     – Shekhar Kapur
If everything is certain it gives depression.  The “WOW” factor in life comes from uncertainty. – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

There are some apps that can be helpful to you in coping up with the situation. 

Here is the link to an article.

Conclusion –

An uncertain situation is like the weather, it’s not a permanent state of life. Above mentioned few tips are helpful to handle the uncertain situation or phases of life.

A positive mindset helps you to deal with uncertain situations and also keeps you connected with the goal.