My journey as a coach started when I started meditation and positive thinking. I have completely changed myself with positive thinking and during this journey when I get aligned with the universe some spiritual incidents happen to me and I realize that my life purpose is to serve humanity for positive thinking, happiness and love. I also realize that I want to guide people through every form of communication and that’s why I started writing blogs and writing on Quora to help people then gradually I started counseling. I completed Life Coaching Certification and NLP Certification to serve my life purpose more effectively. Then I started a Podcast and Youtube channel to serve my life purpose.


I am a Certified Life Coach and Counselor, NLP Practitioner, Lightworker and an entrepreneur.

My journey begins from a typical Indian housewife to a Life coach and an Author. This journey was full of many unwanted twists and turns. I was not having confidence and self esteem. Also my life was very stressful and painful for me. And because of this situation I was also in depression for some time. One day I made a decision to get rid of all these things and my another journey starts to find a direction to settle my rest of life.

In this new journey I realize that if I want to change my situation, I must change my thoughts. And it happens!

I am proof of this.I adopted positive thinking and progressively found my way and found my life purpose to help people to adopt positive thinking and also help them to find the original person who they are and also help them to become successful by doing what they want to do.

This journey takes us through the three phases of thoughts. I have described these phases in my books in the form of quotes. You can buy it on Amazon. Click Here

There are many legendary coaches who are already helping people and doing value addition but somewhere I found myself more connected with the people who are struggling with lots of typical baricates created by society and family and they want to live their life on their own conditions.They want freedom. And I had gone through all these and that’s why I can feel and I can relate more deeply. I was alone in this journey but definitely you will not because I am with you to help you and guide you !!