Rajshree Panse
A blog for positive thinking & mindset for success

A blog for positive thinking & mindset for success

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rajshree panse
Do you know  Positive thinking is a first step of your success path. Everything is started from the thought. And every thought becomes  reality if you nurture that thought purposely. This blog will create awareness about your thought. And also helps you in adopting right mindset. 

I am Rich n Happy Rajshree

 I am Author and spiritual,Lifestyle Coach. I am A philanthropist who understands her life purpose of helping you, motivate you to succeed in your life.

My transformation journey started from a typical Indian housewife to Author,lifestyle coach and philanthropist. I had completely transformed myself and exactly this motivates me to start the blogging to help you,guide you. 

Many people think that the knowledge given in a self improvement book  is not for them,because they think that ,the people who had written those books are extraordinary people and their life is completely different and common people’s life is totally different and  they can’t connect themselves with those people so that knowledge is not for them.

I am working to guide people that if I can change myself completely, then anyone can do this. Just trust yourself and keep your positive attitude 


Preparing and accepting Success is also very important and crucial also.Many people fail because they were not ready to accept their success.

This blog will prepare you for success mindset.

Wish you rich n happy life ahead.

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